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Transcript accuracy reflects the quality of recording. As a service we endeavour to provide the highest standard of transcription. We are happy to advise individual customers on the suitability of recording equipment and optimal acoustic conditions for interviewing.

To avoid disappointment in the finished transcript it is important to choose transcribers carefully. As a specialist transcription service, we have frequently been asked to correct transcription work, at a significant cost of time and money to the customer.

If you would like further advice on interviewing and recording, please contact us.

Prior to the interview
Check your recording equipment carefully.
If using battery-operated equipment, ensure batteries are new and that spares are available.
Use new audio cassettes of the highest quality.
If using micro cassettes do not record on the slow speed this may cause stretching of the tape and affect the recording.
Interview Setting
Modern microphones tend to pick up almost everything going on in the background in addition to the speakers. It is worth bearing these points in mind:
Try not to interview outside because even a slight breeze is picked up on the recording resulting in the voices becoming inaudible.
Avoid sitting close to computers, telephones, electric fans and other electrical appliances which interfere with the recording quality.
Choose a seating arrangement that is comfortable for interviewing but one that is as far from windows and doors as possible to minimise external background noise.
Try to avoid crowded places such as canteens or classrooms as background voices can be louder than the interview.
Start of Interview
Inform interviewees about your research and the need to interview them and what will happen to the data gathered.
Assure them that anything they say will be confidential.
Chat to your interviewees for a few moments before the interview to help them feel relaxed and comfortable.
Ask the interviewee to repeat or clarify anything that is unclear or inaudible – voices often drop when someone is saying something personal or particularly important.
Try to avoid overlapping speech during the interview.
NB Group recording presents particular difficulties and we are happy to advise on how to achieve a good recording.